The Artist

Born and raised in upstate New York, I am a Colorado based photographer. I hold master’s degrees in nursing, science-medical writing, and non-fiction writing, as well as certification as an applied poetry facilitator.

A few years back, during the day I was an enthusiastic student, in an MFA writing program and writing for publication. Most weekend evenings, though, I took photos of what became much-anticipated sunsets in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

It wasn’t long before I started to notice two bald eagles perched on a pinion tree on property 1500 feet away from my house. I’ll always remember the first day I saw and tried to capture these eagles flying off that pinion tree. I made it my goal to capture a sharp image of the eagles’ amazing eyes. This challenge grew into my passion for wildlife photography.

Along with photographing and doing schoolwork each day, I started to read about animal behavior and migration, not only for the eagles, but for other animals such as elk and hawks. Like the eagles, the animals were drawing me farther and farther into their world. The more I learned, the bigger my photographic world became.

My joy in seeing and capturing photos of the eagles and other wildlife could not be contained, while at the same time, I started taking photos of the beauty in the land that surrounded me. The wonders of nature intrigued me. Fearless, I started driving on mountain passes I had never explored before, looking for possibilities and unique perspectives, feeling more alive than I had in years. I also sought out different environments, such as Montana and Alaska, where I could observe different animals surviving in different conditions. With every change of seasons, I found inspiration in surprisingly uninspiring places and unexpected subject matter. 

My zest for photography continues to grow. I now travel the globe solely for the purpose of mastering my photography skills. Being out in nature provides me the opportunity to observe and intimately connect with the world. I treasure the opportunity to create stories while creating art that pleases the senses. I believe my photography speaks, not only for me, but for people who can only imagine what it would be like to explore their world with freedom of mind and imagination. My goal is to create memorable art that inspires conversation and leaves a lasting impression.

Have camera, will travel.